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Photographer, Moscow

Hello everybody! My name is Galya, I am a photographer from Russia, Saint Petersburg.
I am 30 and I’ve been working as a photographer for 8 years.
I attended different photo schools including Yuri Galperin Photofaculty of photojournalism.
I have been working as a concert photographer since 2010. At the moment I have photographed more than 400 concerts and 30 music festivals. I have been lucky to shoot such bands as Metallica, Scorpions, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Apocalyptica, The Offspring, Korn, Black Sabbath, Sum 41, to work with different media and musical bands and I hope to move ahead!

Don’t hesitate to contact me be email galyamoiseeva@gmail.com or join me on social websites. I am always open to the possibility of collaboration and interaction.

+7 (906) 028-38-21


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